Formula:  Ca2(Fe,Mn)FeSi5O14(OH)

Origin of name:  For William Babington, Irish physician and mineralogist (1757-1833)


Crystal system:  Triclinic

Crystal class:  -1


Unit cell: a = 7.56 Ǻ, b = 12.45 Ǻ, c = 6.74 Ǻ, α  = 86.2, β = 93.9, γ = 112.4       


Colour:  Greenish black to brownish black

Diaphaneity: Opaque to faintly translucent

Luster:  Vitreous

Habit:  Crystals short prismatic or platy

Hardness:  5.5 to 6

Specific gravity:  3.36

Cleavage:  2; {001} perfect, {1-10} imperfect






Comments:  Series with manganbabingtonite. Found in veins cutting granite pegmatite and diorite, in cavities and vugs in mafic volcanic rocks and gneisses, in skarns.


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